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tire and rims

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Avant Rims in black good condition local pick up only, fits ford explorer 07/09 maybe more. tires included. Can also be picked up in the 10550 or 183...
$ 600
September 17 of 2014 in Expired result notice
$ 800
September 17 of 2014 in Expired result notice
I have all four 16" steel rims off my 08 Honda civic for sale. One has good tire already on it, Mastercraft Glacier Grip II m+s : 91T 205/55/r16. Comes...
$ 110
September 16 of 2014 in Expired result notice
There are 5 rims one mounted to a good tire could be the spare the 4 are just rims u could take ur tires n have them mounted new set just like that!...
$ 250
August 22 of 2014 in Expired result notice
Brand new black Laclede welded Truck tire chains. Model # 2219 CAM. Fits 7.5-15LT, 235-15LT.245/70R15LT, 215/80R16, 215/85R16LT, 225/75R16LT. Overall...
$ 60
September 18 of 2014 in Expired result notice
Im selling my 2013 mustang V6 rims. Good condition. Local pick up only. specs - 17 x7 inch rims. +40mm offset. around 26lbs per wheel -tires : BFGoodrich...
$ 1
August 25 of 2014 in Expired result notice

tire and rims
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