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Fabulous Investment Opportunity in Legal Development of OMMP GrowSpace
3 Fotos
OMMP Grow Space In Suburban Portland Oregon We develop, build and lease customized, turn key ready, legal grow space for bonafide, licensed OMMP medical...
$ 1.995
21 $/ft²
95 ft²
May 17 of 2014 in Expired result notice
OMMP DISPENSARY SITES WANTED *Grow Sites/Warehouses Wanted Too* Our Investment group seeks potential sites for LEGAL/STATE-LICENSED OMMP Dispensaries,...
May 17 of 2014 in Expired result notice
Water ,a tank,full sun ,room for ur 24 plants legal only 20k gets it. ull need xtra5k for ur soil from g.e.o. down the road.ur own rv,or camp equip.
May 21 of 2014 in Expired result notice
OMMP patients. If you have a lead on a space in Bend, or if you would like to find out more about our company, simply shoot me an email : ) Thank you...
April 15 of 2014 in Expired result notice
Sane, Pleasant OMMP grow/roommate
6 Fotos
$1000-$1200 needed for bedroom and grow rooms in 3 bedroom, 1 bath ranch home. Either a double garage is available, or for $1200 you get a sweet, double...
March 02 of 2014 in Expired result notice

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