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goats nubian

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I have two full bred Nubian goat females. One is 7 months the other is 6 months. Very tamed and ready for breeding. Excellent milk goats. Open range...
$ 200
September 10 of 2017 in Expired result notice
Selling two of my Does and my Buck. They are purebred Nubian but not registered. My buck (Bubba Jo) and the buckskin Doe (Lottie) are 2 years old. The...
$ 550
August 16 of 2017 in Expired result notice
NUBIAN GOATS one female 5 months old, one male 4 months old not related selling as a pair. Female is 225 male is 95. They are beautiful out of registered
August 10 of 2017 in Expired result notice
These are our 2016 cuties , Some of these are mini Nubians , some kinder-Nigerian , all of these were born at the first part of march girls and boys...
$ 250
July 16 of 2017 in Expired result notice
We are starting our 2016 kidding season. We raise registered nubians, all are G6S normal and raised on CAE prevention. We vaccinate with CD&T and give...
July 16 of 2017 in Expired result notice

goats nubian
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