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metal drums

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Gallon metal drums! All food grade. Great for homemade smokers, grills, stove, storing feed, or burning debris. $10.00/ea Lids and rings available. ....
$ 10
11 days and 20 hours ago in Expired result notice
If you're in need of a Burn Barrel, I happen to have a number of them that I can let go for your use, for $10. each! ($15. each if I cut the tops off)...
$ 10
November 26 of 2017 in Expired result notice
Metal blue barrels 20.00 each. These are 55 gallon drums. Plastic 55 gallon drums 20.00. Green barrels with removeable lids 25.00. Call or text I have...
$ 20
November 25 of 2017 in Expired result notice
Macon. DALLAS, GEORGIA. $10, GEORGIA BURN BARREL barrels steel metal burning drum drums 55 gallon barrell barrells ATLANTA FIRE
November 15 of 2017 in Expired result notice
Macon. GRIFFIN, GEORGIA. $10, steel metal 55 gallon drum drums berral berrals barrel barrels atlanta georgia storage ATLANTA
November 01 of 2017 in Expired result notice
Columbus. JASPER, GEORGIA. $10, GEORGIA metal steel 55 gallon barrel drum barrels drums burn burning fire can bin pit ATLANTA
October 15 of 2017 in Expired result notice

metal drums
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