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Extreamly RARE ! NO TUNING HEADS !!! Very rare !!! Perfect condition , beautiful paint , fantastic sound and you NEVER HAVE TO TUNE IT !!! Collectors...
$ 1.400
14 days and 12 hours ago in Expired result notice
Warlock bass - Excellent Condition Comes with a Crate BX 10 Bass Amplifier Also included is a deluxe leather strap and a brand new set of headphones with...
$ 175
11 days and 8 hours ago in Expired result notice
Signed series BC Rich Kerry King Electric Guitar! Is in beautiful condition! Has dust around the pickups but otherwise flawless comes with a small Peavey...
$ 700
September 08 of 2017 in Expired result notice
Warlock bronze series. pretty scraped up but has new strings and set up. low action and loud pick ups it shreads. 55 cash meet and greet in farmers branch
$ 55
August 13 of 2017 in Expired result notice
Bc Rich warlock widow headstock with randall amphead call or text 573-480-3489 need to sell asap 300 obo
$ 300
July 26 of 2017 in Expired result notice
Rob Zombie The Electric Warlock Acid Witch Satanic Orgy Celebration Dispenser Brand new, unopened vinyl album.
$ 30
July 17 of 2017 in Expired result notice

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